Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Luella @ UO

I am super excited about this because, although I still
can't afford it, atleast I can see it irl instead of being too
scared to go into the posh Mayfair store!
And let's hope that maybe UO will decide to put a few
of her things on sale in a while. Unlikely, but possible
as they have already put See by ChloƩ items up for sale!
Here's hoping!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Magazine Queen

Androgyny magazine. I love this magazine for the reason that it's not overly
popular but it is extremely interesting. I love the articles and the beautiful
Vogue UK.Ok this is pretty obvious because who doesn't love Vogue? I love the
editorials although the fashion annoys me a lot of the time because it's just too
expensive and there's an excessive amount of adverts which takes up half of the mag!
Elle UK. Even though Elle isn't maybe as interesting as some of the other ones, I love it most for the fact that it applies most to me. The fashion is sometimes affordable and I love the 'Celbrity Wardrobe' page.

Lula magazine. Simply magical.
Teen Vogue. Even when I stop being a teenager, I will never grow out of Teen Vogue. I
read it cover to cover and the last page is so inspirational. The fashion is amazing but
obviously it's hard to buy it living in the UK :/
Nylon. I've only starting buying this recently as I've always thought it was a waste of money.
Not anymore. I love the music and all the articles especially. I also love how they focus on not
just fashion but also culture, cities, music etc.

So those are the magazines I collect, what are yours?


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